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Our Funders

Thank you to the generous 2020 funders who make our work possible.

2020 Donors to Response

Individual Donors
Aaren Riley
Amanda Fleming
Amanda Gaube
Amelia Estrella
Amory and Judy Lovins
Amy and Doug Throm
Amy Feldman
Amy Laha
Amy Yurcak
Andrew Wiessner
Annabel Golden
Anne Grice
Anne Austin-Clapper
Anne Boenning
Ashley and Mike Connolly
Avery Nelson
Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Beth Cashdan and Paul D’Amato
Betsy Crum
Betty and Howard Wallach
Bill Meyer
Bill White
Billy Stolz
Brenda Wild
Brett Byman
Brian and Sherrill Olson
Bruce Gordon
Camilla Fay
Carlos Berrout Jr
Carol Craig
Carol Pasternak
Caroline Butterworth
Catherine Havasi
Catherine Lutz
Catherine Masters
Charlene Guggenheim
Charlotte Marolt
Charlotte Strahm
Cheryl and Steve Goldenberg
Chris and Donna King
Chris and Stan Cheo
Christie Leonard
Christine Gerschel
Christine Karnes
Corey Crocker
Cynthia Wayburn
David Portman
Dawn Shepard
Debbie Cote
Deborah and Phil Overeynder
Denise Bachrodt
Denison Levy
Diana Duffey
Donna and Bernie Grauer
Dr. Anne Goyette
E. Carlyle Stem
Elisabeth Strunk
Elizabeth Ballinger
Ellen Knous
Emily M Taylor
Erin O’Keefe
Frances D Balderston
Gabrielle and Bob Rafelson
Gabrielle Greeves
Gina Berko
GP Saskiewicz
Gregory and Pamela Keran
Heather Bailey
Heather Hicks
Heidi Zuckerman
Helen Zuckerman
Howard and Jessica Jamner
Ian Perry
Jackie Kasabach
JaeAnn Dwulet
James and Andrea Gordon
Jan Garrett
Jennifer Ellsperman
Jennifer Engel
Jill Gruenberg
John Corcoran
John Grice
Jon Gibans
Judith Sewell
Judy and Don Wrigley
Julia Herman
Julie and Thomas Paxton
Julie Goldstein
Julie Puchkoff and Sam Cox
Kam Bozich
Karen and Eric Peirson
Karen and Marc Friedberg
Karen Kribs
Kathryn Dziedzic
Katie Karow
Kelley Brenninger
Kerry Ach
Kim Coates
Kim Donovan
Kimberly Gent
KJ Raj
Krista Klees
Laura and Mike Kaplan
Lauren Kaufman
Laurie Michaels and David Bonderman
Leah Moriarty
Lee and Stephen Smith
Leslie Lamont and Lance Luckett
Linda Hanek
Lindsay E Gallagher
Lindsay Lofaro
Linnie and Michael Katz
Lorraine Spector
Lucas Warth
Mac Boelens and Mary Upton
Madeline Parker
Marcie and Robert Musser
Maria Cook
Marie-Chantal Reveal
Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Marshall Whiting
Martha O’Keefe
Mary F. Griffith
Mary Lou and Joe Farrell
Megan Bentzin
Merle Dulien
Michael Gerard
Michael Kendrick
Michael Putz
Michaela Idhammar
Michelle Muething
Mike Leavy
Monica Viall
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Nancy and MJ Elisha
Nanette Avery
Natalie Spears
Ned Sullivan
Patricia and Michael Miracle
Paul Price
Paula and Ed Phillips
Paula Brodin
Paula Cross
Peg McGavock
Phi Filerman
Rachel Levy
Randy Gold
Rebecca Ayres
Renee Sandbach
Rhonda R. Schneider
Richard and Marianne Kipper
Robert and Regina deWetter
Robert Wilson
Robyn Arthur
Ruth and Bob Wade
Ruth Harrison
Sally and Todd Grange
Sally Sakin
Sandra Deveny
Sandy and Jim Iglehart
Sandy and Peter Johnson
Sarah Bushman
Sarah Catham
Sarah Woelfle
Shannon Birzon
Shannon Meyer
Shelley Senterfitt
Sheryl Barto
Shilo Bartlett
Skye Skinner
Stephanie and Amanda Redmond
Stephanie Power Smith
Stephen Cournoyer
Sue Helm
Sue Smedstad
Susan Terra
Susie and Danny Patterson
Tami Solondz
Tammi Weinsweig
Tammy L Terwelp
Thomas W Griffiths
Tom Oken
Tracy Smith
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Treece

A.V. Hunter Trust
Allstate Foundation
Aspen Business Center Foundation
Aspen Community Foundation
Aspen Rotary Club
Aspen Skiing Company – Caring for Community Fund
Castaways Foundation
Catto Shaw Foundation
Colorado Health Foundation
Daniels Fund
Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation
El Pomar Foundation
Floreat Foundation
Freeport-McMoran Foundation
Pajwell Foundation
Louis and Harold Price Foundation
Rocky Mountain Health Foundation
Salmon Foundation
Snowmass Chapel
St. Benedict’s Monastery
Thurston Foundation

Government Grants
5th Judicial District Charitable Fund
9th Judicial District VALE
City of Aspen
CO Domestic Violence Program
Division of Criminal Justice – Office of Victim Programs
Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund

Local Businesses
Alpine Bank
Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s -International Realty
Aspen Times
Clark’s Market Snowmass Village
First Bank Roaring Fork Valley
Holy Cross Energy
Land Title Guarantee Company
Midland Mercantile
Obermeyer Wood Investment Council LLLP
Oliver Smith Aspen Boutique LLC
Reese Henry
Romero Group
Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate
U.S. Bank Aspen
Women Thrive LLC, Dr. Mindy Nagle