• 24/7 crisis helpline 970.925.SAFE (7233)

Programs & Services

Response provides confidential support for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Response Helps

Watch our video below to learn what response is doing in our community to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Our services are bilingual, trauma-informed, non-judgmental and always free of charge.


Culturally inclusive and competent advocacy for victims, their families, and non-abusive significant others that includes:
• Crisis intervention
• Identifying options
• Information, resources, and referrals to other agencies
• Safety planning
• Assistance with temporary protection orders
• Immigration services for survivors
• Human trafficking support services
• Sexual harassment support
• Civil and criminal justice support including navigating the judicial and victim’s compensation systems
• Accompaniment for a victim to the doctor or hospital


• Confidential crisis assistance: 970.925.SAFE (7233)
• Immediate response for victims any day of the week, at any hour of the day.

More Resources


• When possible, Response offers support groups for adult victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault


Response works with our community in the upper Roaring Fork Valley– with schools, businesses, community associations, judicial system partners, and faith-based organizations – to end domestic and sexual abuse. We strive to change the community conversation around domestic and sexual abuse and to drive social change by encouraging bystander intervention and collective intolerance of abuse, and highlighting the reality that these are community-wide problems that deserve community-wide solutions. We provide prevention education programming in middle schools from Basalt to Aspen.
Response speakers are also available to any group interested in a presentation about issues related to domestic and sexual abuse. Topics include but are not limited to:
• Response Programs and Services
• Healthy Relationships
• Domestic Violence 101
• Sexual Harassment and Abuse
• Bystander Intervention
• Teen dating violence


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• Confidential, temporary emergency shelter
• Transitional housing
• Helping victims secure and afford housing where they are at risk for homelessness including case management and direct financial assistance