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Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. The fear of losing safe and affordable housing is also one of the top reasons that victims stay with their abuser. Survivors of abuse also can face barriers to accessing affordable housing such as poor credit, ruined rental histories, lack of steady employment, and housing discrimination.

Response’s new Housing for Survivors Program focuses on getting survivors into stable housing while providing the necessary support as they rebuild their lives.  A primary goal of the program is to help survivors of domestic violence achieve sustainable financial independence. The program has three components: emergency short-term housing, transitional housing for up to three months, and rental assistance.  Response’s housing program manager works with clients on establishing and maintaining their personal budgets, helps with housing and employment searches, and connects them with other types of emergency financial assistance. Clients continue to access Response’s advocacy, counseling, and community referral services throughout their time in the housing program. 

In 2021, 53 survivors and 42 children were helped with housing through one or more of the program components.

This all is such a life changer for me.  I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your help and how it has made this whole life changing experience an uplift in my life versus the breakdown it could have been.” – anonymous domestic violence survivor and Response Housing for Survivors Program client.

Securing safe, affordable housing is a crucial step on the pathway to a survivor’s long term safety, stability and a chance to reclaim their lives.  In 2021, Response purchased an apartment unit which is our fourth transitional housing unit! With your help, we will continue to grow this important program and help provide survivors with the sense of security and empowerment.

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